Tequila and Mezcal


Mestizo, Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar has the largest selection on display in the UK. (260+ and counting) If you want to learn more about this iconic Mexican spirit, it’s history, production and how to enjoy, then join us at Mestizo for a Tequila Masterclass.


We offer tastings over the year featuring a specialist tequila house and all explained by a tequila expert at Mestizo. Enjoy a simple tasting experience, or a ‘Tequila & Food Tasting’ where we will pair the tequila with a small tasting dish to match the tequila you are drinking.

We can offer a tequila tasting at Mestizo, Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar on a
Monday and Tuesday from 5pm – 7pm. We need a minimum of 6 people to conduct
the tasting.

The following is a list of the tequila that we are offering. This will be 3 x 25ml
measures of a blanco, reposado and anèjo from the same family. The tequila will be
accompanied with salsa and chips. All costs are per person.

A £5.00 deposit will be required to confirm any reservations / bookings for our tequila
tastings. Two weeks’ notice is required for any Tequila Tasting reservation in the

We also have occasional Tequila & Mezcal tastings in our Mestizo, Mexican Market,
right next door to the restaurant. Join us on our facebook – MestizoMexicanMarket
or twitter – mestizomarket to find out when these and other promotions are

All these prices will have an added 12.5% service charge added to the bill. If you
wish To also dine, then please mention this when you book, so space can be
reserved for you. The tastings will take about 1 hour.

We will not be holding any Tequila Tastings when special menus are in operation in
Mestizo, Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar.

1) Jose Cuervo 1800 – £14.70
2) Herradura – £15.60
3) Don Fulano – £18.30
4) Fortaleza – £22.00
5) Don Julio – £20.10
6) Casamigos – £22.50

Alternatively, our Head Bartender, Alvin is willing to advise people on a Monday or
Tuesday between 5pm – 6.30pm about Tequila and Mezcal, and, business allowing,
do a small tasting session for just a couple of people.